Born April 5. 1932 in Transylvania.

1947 - Emigrated to Israel - member of Ein Hod-Artist village.

1954 - Studies in Italy.

Since 1959 - Living in Denmark.

Taught sculpture at The Art School of Thorstedlund.

Member of the Danish Art Society, the Danish Sculptors Association and Visual Artists Ireland.

Educational background:

In Rumania with Risa Probst Kraidt   

In Israel with the artists: Yaskil, Meirowitch and Marcel Jancu   

In Italy at The Brera Academy of Milan with Giaccomo Manzú and Marino Marini   

Graduates in Sculpture and Graphics from The Accademia Di Belle Arti di Roma, professor Guerisis Class    Postgraduate at The Royal Danish Academy, professor G. Eickhoff's Class

Studied at the academies of Copenhagen, Milano and Rome.

Joseph Salamon

42, Soldraget,

DK- 3460 Birkeroed,


Tel: +45  45817616

Mobile: +45 - 22111721

Born 1932 in Transsylvania.

Works and lives in Denmark.

Art works in the museums of Roma, Odense DK, Sct. Niklaas Belgium, Rioja Argentine, Siegen Germany, Meudon and Montbeliard France, The Royal Library Den Haag, Royal Library Leuwen, Hakone Japan, Yad Vashem Jerusalem, Royal Navy Museum Copenhagen, The Jewish Museum Copenhagen, K. Kjaer Museum Denmark,The Jewish Museum Pittsburgh , Ploiesti museum Romania Skissernas Museum Lund (Sweden)

Exhibited in Scandinavia, Israel, U.S.A., France, Italy, Japan a.s.o.

Some of his previous monumental works:

1964: Copper Relief - Siemens, Copenhagen.

1969: Bronze Group - Otterup School, Denmark.

1969: Granite Portal - Bagnolet Town Hall, France.

1971: Bronze Group - Museum of Siegen, Germany. Stone Sculpture - University of Köln, Germany.

1977: Stainless Steel Relief - The Music School of Gislaved.

1977: Copper Relief - The Community School of                  Landvetter Sweden

1980: Bronze Relief - Parkvejs School, Birkeroed, Denmark.

1982: Bronze Sculpture - The Luria School, Jerusalem.

1985: Granite Fountain - Bistrup, Denmark. Stone Ware Fountain - Avedoere, Denmark.

1989: Basalt Holocaust Monument - Copenhagen.

1990: Stainless Steel Fountain - Emmen, Holland.

1991: Granite Holocaust Monument - Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

1991: Granite Holocaust Memorial for the polish jews - Copenhagen.

1991: Wooden Sculpture - Highway 13 - Denmark.

1992: Granite Fountain - Loegstoer, Denmark.

1992: Concrete Sculpture - Aalborg, Denmark.

1993: Blue Concrete Sculpture - Kingo School, Slangerup, Denmark.

1994: Bronze Sculpture - in front of The Post Office - Vordingborg, Denmark.

1994: Bronze Portal - The Court of Appeal, Viborg, Denmark.

1995: Granite Memorial for King Eric the Good -  Slangerup, Denmark.

1996: Granite Fountain - Town Hall of Vaerloese, Denmark. Bronze Horses - Skive, Denmark.

1998: Wooden Crucifix - Soelleroed, Denmark. Bronze Crucifix - The Cemetery of Copenhagen.

1998: Granite Memorial - The Cemetery of Herfoelge, Denmark.

2000: Granite Relief - The Institute for the Blind, Vejle, Denmark.

2000: Granite Sculpture - The Library of Viborg, Denmark.

2000: Granite Memorial - The Cemetery of Store Magleby, Denmark.

2003: Granite Fountain - Town Square, Slangerup, Denmark.

2004: Granite Fountain - Zacco, Copenhagen.

2005: Bronze Portal - Copenhagen.

2006: Granite Portal - Viborg, Denmark.

2007: Bronze Trophy - Nato Chess Championship.

2008: Bronze Trophy - Loreto School, Milford, Ireland.

2009: a 3 m. high Bronze Sculpture - Loreto Commnity School, Milford, Ireland.

2010: a 4 m. high Granite Portal - Viborg, Denmark.

2011: “The apple tree” granite 2m high Stenlose Denmark

2012:”The ash tree” 2,5 m.high  granite  Helsinge - Denmark

2013: "The Door to Paradise". Granite Portal - Bodilsker - Denmark

2015: "Sail". Stainless steel. Topsoe Industries - Frederikssund - Denmark

2018: Granite Drinking Fountain, Birkerød, Denmark.
2019: "The Cherry Tree". Granite Hilleroed Denmark
2020: Granite Relief. Roccalbegna, Tuscany Italy.

2020: Granite Monument on the Jewish Cemetery in Copenhagen.

2023: Granite Memorial in Vedbæk for the rescue of the danish jews to Sweden in 1943